Welcome to Regulatory Profiles of the 50 States!

In 2013 the CDRA Executive Committee of the Board of Directors launched a “50 State Regulatory Profile Initiative.” The goal of the initiative was to provide CDRA members with access to regulatory information affecting C&D recycling in all 50 states in one convenient location. Through this effort, we have sought to assemble the following information for each state:

  • A “Regulatory Summary” of how C&D recycling works;
  • Listing of the Primary Statute(s) affecting C&D recycling;
  • Primary Regulations Affecting C&D Recycling;
  • Key Definitions;
  • State Agency Web Links;
  • Studies and Documents of Interest Involving C&D;
  • Key Agency Contact People;
  • A listing of “Progressive Regulatory Programs” adopted in the State;
  • A listing of current “Regulatory Challenges” to the advancement of C&D recycling;
  • Inventory of any “Sister Associations” that exist in the state engaged in solid waste management, recycling and/or C&D management.

We began this effort by reaching out to key contact people in the Departments of Environmental Protection or Environmental Quality in each state. We received an incredible response with most DEP representatives sending us public information, including the primary statues and regulations governing C&D recycling, key definitions, State Agency web links and a listing of key contact people. We supplemented this information with additional background provided by CDRA members. Members generally provided the narrative or web link “Regulatory Summary,” the listing of “Progressive Regulatory Programs,” the “Current Regulatory Challenges” and lists of any “Sister Associations” to the CDRA actively involved in solid waste management or recycling.

After logging in with your CDRA member username and password, please place your cursor and “click” on any state in the map provided below to access this regulatory information. Please note that this effort is a “work in progress.” We are posting information as we receive it and will be building this inventory over time. Please also note that we will continue to update and expand this information on an ongoing basis toward continually expanding the information provided.

We hope you find this technical resource valuable. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments along the way!