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Members-Only Content, Resources and Services

Show below is a quick reference to some of the more popular members-only resources. 


CDRA Benefits of C&D Recycling

Construction and demolition debris represent one of the largest components of the solid waste stream in the United States. Statistics regarding C&D quantities, characteristics, and management in the U.S. have not been tracked in the same details as municipal solid waste. This full report is meant for CDRA members only. 

How to Develop End Markets
Want to develop a new end market for a material coming into your recycling facility? The CDRA End Markets Development committee has created guidelines that cover all the aspects needed for that process. Full resource coming soon. 

View C&D Recycling Roadmap Summary PDF


New Gypsum Recycling Best Management Practices White Paper

The U.S. consumes 46 million tons of gypsum annually. 13.6 million tons gypsum drywall waste is generated in manufacturing, construction and demolition. Gypsum reclaimed from drywall can be used as a substitute for mined or synthetic gypsum for the manufacture of new drywall, Portland cement or as an agricultural soil amendment. The process begins with removing foreign material and separating the paper facing leaving a clean gypsum powder. Review our new guide to the process here. Thanks to our Gypsum Recycling Committee for leading the effort to develop this document. 

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State Regulatory Profiles

CDRA members are invited to browse the regulatory information affecting C&D recycling in all 50 states in one convenient location.

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 C&D Recycling Roadmap

The CDRA Recycling Roadmap is a white paper that describes C&D characteristics, including sources of C&D generation, different types of processing strategies used in recycling facilities, the benefits of recycling C&D material, and suggestions for municipalities on developing recycling markets for C&D.

View C&D Recycling Roadmap PDF


The CDRA Health & Safety Manual

This manual is available for members as a PDF and as an MS Word document that can be modified to suit your company.

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Presentation Slides from Live CDRA Events

We make slides from our events available to members free of charge. To review the latest, see the link below. 

View the Latest Shingle Recycling Forum Presentation Slides
View the C&D World 2023 Presentation Slides


Educational Webinars Available for Replay

The CDRA hosts all past webinars on our website for CDRA members to view free of charge. CDRA members must login to view webinar recordings.

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How to Better Manage and Market C&D Fines

Small particle sized materials can be a challenge. The two documents below provide detailed information on how to work with regulator questions about the fines. Both documents are available for download. Executive Summaries of both are only available to CDRA members.


CO2 Calculator

The C02 calculator tool allows CDRA members to calculate the environmental benefits their recycling facility provides to society and the local community. The calculator allows users to input the number of tons their facility recovers every day, week, month or year, and they can see how that translates into the following:

  • Tons of CO2 saved per ton of recycled item — Includes all greenhouse gases that are saved by recycling a ton of this material 

  • Bulbs saved — The annual energy from this many standard 60-watt incandescent light bulbs is saved by recycling a ton of this material

  • Gallons of gas saved — The equivalent amount of energy in this number of gallons of gasoline is saved by recycling a ton of this material

  • Vehicles Saved — Recycling this material per ton equates to removing the greenhouse gas emissions of this many vehicles.

  • Home electricity —Recycling a ton of this material saves enough energy to power this many houses annually.

 Full resource coming soon. 


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